25 January 2019

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Feeling Frustrated To Be Stuck In Your Current JOB & Not Making Enough Money?

Real Life Simulation On How You Can Make Money Through Property In These 2 Days!

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Here Is How You Can Overcome The Problems



You need to LEARN how to BUILD and INVEST GOOD & POSITIVE gearing assets (ex: properties) that will work like an ATM machines which give you income every month, PASSIVELY



Learn how to implement these 3 components – STRUCTURE, ORDER & APPRECIATION in order for you to maintain all the wealth that will come into your life.

Are you ready to bring this to the next level?

Freemen & Team Present….

2-Days Mastering Your Wealth

Highly Transformational Workshop

This is the highly transformational workshop designed with you on mind on How You Can Create Your Dramatic Wealth Through Property Investment. 

“More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investment combined.” –Andrea Carnegie

Michael will share to you how you can apply the 5-Steps Millionaire Mastery System into property and build your wealth through it. This strategy has proven to work as it has successfully created many successful property investors all across Asia.

“Be The Game Changer. You Didn’t Wake Up To Be Ordinary”

Michael Tan
The Millionaire makers

During This 2 DAYS Workshop, You Will Learn...

  • How To Identify The Good Property Deals To Invest Regardless Of Bad Or Good Market
  • Discover How You Can Invest Properties With Little Or No Money Down
  • Identify The Common Mistakes That Investor Make
  • How to Break The Bank Codes & Leverage On Banks Again & Again
  • How To Customize Your Step-By-Step Property Investment Blueprint That Will Enable You To Break Free From Financial Struggles For LIFE-TIME!!
  • The 5-Steps Millionaire Mastery System
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91 Out of 91 Participants Successfully Bought Their Properties No-Money-Down at RM21 Million Worth of Properties at 25.35% Below Market Price!

It means EVERY single participant bought AT LEAST one property no money down in the subsale market. Not only did 100% of them buy a deal, they all made money buying them! Each and every one of these properties have at least a rental return exceeding 6%. Most are above 8% (compared to Malaysia’s average of 4.4%).

A total of RM2.59 Million was cashed out and it all happened within 3 months! How hard would you say it would be to get almost 100 people from 4 different states to invest into properties on their own effort, 20% below market price WITH rental returns exceeding 6% – 8% and with NO MONEY DOWN?

I’d say DARN near impossible… BUT we have made the IMPOSSIBLE happened!

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Meet Michael Tan

Asia’s #1 Millionaire Maker, No. 1 Best-Selling Author, Recipient of 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award 2017 & Grandeur International Business Award 2017/18

“From a man who lost-it-all to Owners of Multiple Millions Dollar Businesses & Property Coach”

Michael Tan is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Freemen Education, a life-transforming international education company aim solely to connect those who still have the spirit deep-inside to fight for their financial breakthrough and achieve their wildest dreams and biggest goals, with real coaches who only give real success to people.

…He Is Also The Author Behind The No.1 Best-Selling Book of 2017 – “How To Be Financially Free Through Property Investment” which SOLD-OUT within the 1st month of its launching!

This book will open your eyes to see the possibilities of being whoever you think you’re not and however your financial struggles are, it is ALL POSSIBLE to be wealthy!

“If it’s to be, it is up to YOU!”

Featured Speakers

Vincent Nee

Business Owner, Property Management Expert & Trainer

Vincent Nee has successfully created RM50,000 passive income per month through property investment within 3 years. He is the Co-founder of Maxihomes, one of the fastest growing asset management companies in Asia and it is currently managing of up to 600 rooms around Klang Valley. He also now owns 5 operation companies and 2 investment holding company. He has founded/Co-founded: –

Maxihomes Management, Maxihomes Venture, V Home Management, Naga Reka Interior Design, S & S LED Lighting, POSH Coffee Roastery, SVS Venture, Maxi-Freemen

Vincent Nee now is pursuing to be a trainer and coaches people on the strategies and ways that he used to maximize their properties rental return and create passive income at the same time.

Jenson Liew

Founder Of Dreams Nation, Property Millionaire Investor & Entrepreneur

Jenson started his investment journey at the age of 32 buying properties from developer market and make hundred of thousand from it. Then he quit his job as a tuition teacher and ventured full time investors.

As passionate that he have for properties, Jenson Liew founded Dreams Nation Pte Ltd is not just getting good deals for investors but to educate people in the market to invest properties in fundamental ways especially in developers market.

His company is just 2 years and have helped investors to buy properties with more than RM 20 million and still counting with good cash flow and capital appreciation.

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