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college essays written 2 Days Of Million Dollar Property Investors Mastermind Session
16 -17th September 2017 (Sat & Sun) | 9am - 6pm | Menara Atlas, Plaza Pantai KL


"Hi I am Michael Tan, founder of Freemen Education, an international educational company & owner of multiple businesses. I’m also called The Millionaires Maker as I am known to have helped thousands sociology proposal paper [3786 as of now] get their properties with http://www.english.iibit.edu.au/?how-to-write-college-essay No Money Down, and I am fully dedicated to help you achieve your financial freedom through legit property investment training."
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Why property investment now? Why not shares, or other forms of investments?

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 •  No Investment Will Give You Greater LeverageBanks. Start loving them. Imagine if you have RM100k at hand, you can get a RM1mil property through mortgage loans. Nobody and nobody will let you leverage 10 times of your capital. When your property increase by 10%, you get RM100k capital gain which is 100% ROI!  

•  Right Properties Appreciates at 20-30% a year - According to 2016 property statistics provided by Department of Statistics Malaysia & Malaysia Property Inc, this trend will go on for a good few more years. The key is to know how to find them under market value!  

• Incentives for First-time Home Buyers - This is a great opportunity especially for those who look to invest in their first property.

We at Freemen Education developed our in-house benchmark of how effective our training is, and the results surprised even me! An astounding "87 out of 100" of those I work with the last 2 years (2015 & 2016), successfully invested in at least 1 property with No Money Down. This shows that with the right mindset & plan execution, even a sluggish property market becomes your market of opportunity.

 You must be thinking, who is this Michael Tan?

Michael Tan

Asia’s #1 Property Guru & Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur  

I want to share with you about myself.

I fought hard and made my first million by 28, lost it all by 30 and nearly went bankrupt that time. Fast forward today I'm not only a property tycoon, I'm also the founder of Freemen & owners to multiple businesses across Asia like Malaysia, Thailand & Hong Kong.

Ever since my down-time, I have discovered my purpose is to help people to achieve financial freedom and pursue their passions through properties because i believed everyone deserved to be wealthy. I am honored to be featured for my revolutionary “No-Money-Down” strategy, which has helped thousands of people to get their properties with no money down.

I'm thankful and honored to be featured for my revolutionary “No-Money-Down” strategy, which has helped thousands of people to get their properties with no money down.

The average track record is 83% success rate! That means 8.3 people out of every 10 successfully buy properties with No Money Down!



Vincent Nee


Vincent Nee has successfully created RM50k passive income per month through property investment within 3 years.

He is the Co-founder of Maxihomes, one of the fastest growing asset management companies in Asia and it is currently managing of up to 600 rooms around Klang Valley. He also now owns 5 operation companies and 2 investment holding company. He has founded/Co-founded: -  

  · Maxihomes Management

  ·  Maxihomes Venture

  ·  V Home Management

  ·  Naga Reka Interior Design

  ·  S & S LED Lighting

  ·  POSH Coffee Roastery

  ·  SVS Venture

  ·  Maxi-Freemen  

Vincent Nee now is pursuing to be a trainer and coaches people on the strategies and ways that he used to maximize their properties rental return and create passive income at the same time.  




Jenson started his investment journey at the age of 32 buying properties from developer market and make hundred of thousand from it. Then he quit his job as a tuition teacher and ventured full time investors.

As passionate that he have for properties, Jenson Liew founded Dreams Nation Pte Ltd in not just getting good deals for investors but to educate people in the market to invest properties in fundamental ways especially in developers market.

His company is just 2 years and have helped investors to buy properties with more than RM 20 million and still counting with good cash flow and capital appreciation.


"I totally understand that sometimes it is tough to take my words for what it is due to the countless number of self-proclaimed experts and gurus out there, therefore please allow the testimonials & media releases paint you a better understanding instead"


Michael has changed my life that not only I get to live the life I want, but also allow me to inspire people to be financially free. I had bought 9 properties in 12 months! Now, I get to travel to where I like whenever I want.

If you want to be financially free and start to live different life, come to this Mastering Your Wealth! 


Sammi Koh, Accountant 


After since I learned No Money Down Strategy, I had invested more than properties that worth more than RM3.5 million. 

Now, I am not only able to quit my job as a teacher, I also get to share my knowledge to help everyone to achieve financial freedom through properties. If you want to be successful, come and experience this!

Mun Cheong, Property Investor & Trainer



No Money Down Strategy has helped me got started in my property investment journey and help me to buy 23 properties within 18 months that most importantly generate positive cashflow. 

I strongly recommend everyone to learn the proper knowledge from this seminar to help you get started safe and wish you all the best. 


Salauddhin, Property Investor & Business Owner


16 -17th September 2017 (Sat & Sun) | 9am - 6pm | PJ/KL

Our Admission Is Retailed At RM 228

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2 Days Mastering Your Wealth

This is the highly transformational workshop designed with you on mind on How You Can Create Your Dramatic Wealth Through Property Investment

"More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investment combined." –Andrea Carnegie

Michael will share to you how you can apply the 5-Steps Millionaire Mastery System into property and build your wealth through it.

This strategy has proven to work as it has successfully created many successful property investors all across Asia.

Why This Workshop?

Frankly speaking no one ever needs coaching, unless if they choose to . Which is why even world champions look for coaches to become better, to go further than where they were.

I have experienced my fair share of ups & downs in my life. So I really really know how you feel, especially if you want to:

• Find a way out of your stressful 9 to 5 job, so you can pursue your passion through a very viable passive income.
Save yourself from making huge & costly mistakes that sets you back financially.
• Improve your financial intelligence & to gain practical insight on Malaysia’s property landscape, perfect for those new to the property scene in Malaysia.
To create opportunities for yourself & your loved ones especially if you have some prior experience in investment, and would want to take it to a whole new level.

 I know this is starting to get a little heavy, I would really love to share everything with you right here right now, but let me do it when I meet you in person. Because A LOT of your learnings will be done by GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS OF AN INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE, instead of listening to boring lectures the whole day.

During This Coming 2 Days Workshop, I Will Personally Reveal To You On How To: 

1) Discover Your Financial Characteristics & How You Can Break Free From Financial Struggles For Life-Time

2) Idenfify The Common Mistakes That Got 96% Of Investors Stuck

3) Find Out How Property Investment Can Help You Create Your Passive Income & Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

4) Identify Which Strategies Are The Most Effective For You

5) Find Out How You Can Leverage On Banks Again & Again To Multiply Your Wealth

6) How You Can Identify The Right Properties You Should Invest Regardless Of Bad Or Good Market

7) Learns How To Make Your Million Safely & Steadily By Using The 5-Steps Millionaire Mastery System

8) Discover How You Can Invest Properties With Little Or No Money Down In 2017




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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and may not apply to the average attendee/student and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, financial status, effort, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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